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The Lifeline Lifetime Manager!

Orgos Software is designed to help you manage your personal life and business life. We offer software under the Orgos Software house name as well as software from several other vendors.

The Orgos Personal Lifeline Lifetime Manager program can be used by itself, but was designed to be used in conjunction with our Organizational, Educational and Philosophy system known as Orgalosophy.  (Please click on the link for more information about Orgalosophy).

"Orgalosophy is defined as a philosophical scientific inquiry and application of concepts into a unified system.  Orgalosophy is a "pragmatic and practical" set of ideas, united concepts and tools that help individuals or groups become better organized and focused to achieve their goals and results in life".

The Orgalosophy concepts and system are presented in a series of application courseware books and/or on-line web based learning.   After the fundamental concepts have been learned they can be applied to your life using the "Personal Lifeline Lifetime Manager Software Program".  This program is a logical Integrated program with diverse functionality. The program offers the user the ability to turn on/turn off and use various modules at different times or periods in your life when you need them.

The Orgos Personal Lifeline Lifetime manager program allows you to track and manage life's important affairs including what we call the "Three Hubs of Orgos":

  • Personal Life Affairs Management

  • Educational Affairs Management

  • Financial and Estate Affairs Management

The Orgos Lifeline Lifetime Manager is a truly Integrated software program that allows you to manage all the details of your life at the click of button.   The difference between our program and others is it both an "Educational Program as well as an Application Program". The three primary modules listed below have sub-modules pertaining to the primary area.

Personal Manager Inventory & Assessment Manager

Investment Manager


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